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Welcome to JARPA

Welcome to JARPA's new web site. We are working on updating and so you will see some things different and some things new. Please take time to browse through and become familiar with us.

Janesville City Hall


Janesville City of Parks


Janesville Court House on Court House Hill


Janesville City Police Department


Home of Janesville's Rock Aqua Jay's ski club


Rock River

Rock River flow starts in Waupon and flows through Janesville

Veterans Memorial Plaza in Traxler park


Rock river Dam

Rock river dam in Janesville still produces electricity

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Education, Networking and Legislative Representation
for the rental property owner and manager.

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  • JARPA BOARD MEETING on October 11th at 6:30 pm at FESTIVAL FOODS.

    Regular meetings the 3rd

    Thursday of each month. We meet at the Commercial Bank at

    1400 Blackbridge Rd at 7 pm

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

    October Meeting, October 20th

    Circuit Court Judge Barbara McCrory will be our guest speaker; the topic of discussion as usual,

    whenever we invite a judge, will be the eviction process in and outside the court. Bring your



  • November Meeting, November 17th

     Paul Magnuson from Apartment ConNeXTion will be our guest at our November meeting. He

    will be sharing about advertising your available units with his company

    Check out his website (Apartmentconnextion.com)

    We will be receiving free use of his website until the area is well saturated and he indicates

    that could take a year or more.


    Because pictures are critical to successful advertising, Dale or Roz are willing to take pictures

    for you and help you get them onto the JARPA website and the apartment connextion site.

    Calll either Dale (608-201-3774) or Roz (608-757-2091) forvhelp.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Moose Club, 6:00 pm cocktails

    6:30 pm dinner served

    We have made plans for our 2016 Christmas Party. This year we are having our party at the

    Moose Club located on the corner of Rockport and Crosby. We will gather on Dec 3rd at 6pm

    for a social time and dine at 6:30pm. We will be exchanging white elephant gifts again so you

    can bring something special either for a male or female or just something funny. Limit your

    item to no more than $10. Hopefully, there will be lots of funny gifts as that makes it a lot

    more fun.  The cost is $10 a person.


    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    January Meeting, Jan 21st

    Erin Loveland, director of House of Mercy, will be our guest. She will be sharing about the

    needs of the House and give us ideas as to how we can help. The plight of the homeless

    affects all of us; if you have wanted to help somehow this will be an opportunity to do just

    that. They have a very limited budget and trust that the public will donate many of the

    things they need throughout the year.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Rick Russell from WILegalBlank was our speaker at our Aug meeting and shared a

packet of new & revised forms with each of us. I’m listing the forms he brought

and some of the revisions:


1. The Residential Rental Agreement (lines 119-122) includes a listing of dangerous items  

not allowed on the property such as air, pellet or BB guns, fireworks, pools, trampolines,

space heaters, etc.

2. Rules and Regulations include the above items and things like lacquer, paint thinner,  

kerosene and other items that are flammable.

3. 5-day Notice to Vacate for Criminal Activity or Drug-Related Criminal Activity 

4. 5-day Notice to Vacate for Imminent Threat of Serious Physical Harm (new form)

5. Request for a Reasonable Accommodation

6. Verification of Need for a Reasonable Accommodation 

7.Co-Signer Agreement 

8. Smoking Policy Addendum-Addendum to Residential Rental Agreement 

9. Applicant Screening Criteria-if you haven’t written your own criteria yet this will help

you screen for the critical items

10. BED BUG ADDENDUM- this form requires the landlord to inspect the unit before the  

new tenant moves in. How does one do that if they don’t know what to look for??? We

suggest that you do some research to find out what to inspect for or else have Barry

from 1st American Pest Control (one of our Associate Members) come in and do it for

you. If you don’t do that how can u honestly say that you aren’t aware of the presence 

of bed bugs?



 Have ideas for speakers or topics for 2016 Meetings??  Email tom.parsons@ymail.com and I will bring the ideas to the Board Meetings.

JARPA is a Landlord association with Business associate members.
Together we have meetings on the third Thursday of each month.
We meet at 7PM , lower level of Commercial Bank, 1400 Blackbridge Rd.
We also have speakers, hold seminars and have training to keep up with the Law and any changes.
**New properties are continually listed on our site by our members.  Check out the listings today!

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